Dining, Dollars, and donations

Ladies, have you wondered what you can do to make a difference in your community and in this world?  Join us and find out!

Once a month, rather than going out to dinner, come spend the evening with us! As a group, we take turns bringing food to share with one another.

While enjoying a meal together and building friendships, we get to hear about a specific outreach organization or ministry group, either local or worldwide. Then, whatever money you would have normally spent on a night out -- whether it be the cost for a slice of pizza or a five-course meal -- can be donated to whichever organization we are focusing on that month.

Once donations are collected, 100% of the money will go to benefit the work being done by that particular organization or ministry. Our hope is that by coming together to give intentionally, regularly, and specifically, we can help improve the lives of the people who these organizations seek to help.

We hope that you join us!