100% of donations collected will benefit the ministry of focus each month!


Donations collected to date: $14,315.00

April 2019

Outreach focus: Bloom House and Creative Studio in Bangor, PA

Money raised: $826.00

Thank you for attending and participating in our dinner with the women of Bloom House! Together, we raised $826.00 to support Bloom and help continue the work they are doing in the Bangor area.

If you are interested in learning more about Bloom House, making a donation, or visiting their art studio, take a moment to check out their website!

MARCH 2019

Outreach focus: Ginnie’s House in Sussex County, NJ

Money raised: $1,050.00

Thank you to everyone who attended our dinner with the women of Ginnie’s House in Sussex County. Together, we raised $950.00. All donations will be given to Ginnie’s House to be used for their various expenses, such as providing daily necessities to families of abuse, providing school supplies to their children, or even sending the children of their program to summer camp.

To learn more about Ginnie’s House, to donate, or to find out how you can get involved, visit them online!


Outreach focus: Lutheran Brethren International Missions (Chad, Africa)

Money raised: $1,000.00

Thank you for all of your help raising $1,000.00 to be used by LBIM (Lutheran Brethren International Missions) to help build a school for the Bargirmi people of Chad, Africa, as well as support missionary Kay Asche in her endeavors there.

If you’d like to know more about what the LBIM is doing in Chad or other regions of the world, please visit them at www.lbim.org.


Outreach focus: Prison Fellowship

Money raised: $640.00

This month, we raised $640.00 together to be donated to the organization Prison Fellowship. All of the proceeds from this dinner will be used to help fund the “Prison Fellowship Academy”.

To learn more about the Academy, about this organization, or how you can donate your time and resources, please visit Prison Fellowship online.


Outreach focus: Samaritan’s Purse

Money raised: $705.00

Together, we raised $705.00 to donate to Samaritan’s Purse! Of that total, $400.00 will be given towards Operation Christmas Child expenses, and the other $305.00 will be given towards disaster relief efforts.

In addition to these generous donations, our group packed 43 gift boxes of donated goods to be sent to impoverished children around the world! If you are interested in packaging a gift box for Operation Christmas Child, please visit them online to learn more about the process. Or, to hear more about how you can partner with Samaritan’s Purse, feel free to browse their website.



Outreach focus: Alfalit

Money raised: $570.00

Donations from this dinner will be given to Alfalit in order to help pay for students around the world to participate in literacy and basic education classes. Alfalit is committed to offering their programs at absolutely no cost to their students! It only costs about $14.00 each month for an individual to participate in one of Alfalit’s programs, meaning that be raised enough money to help 40 students receive an education next month!

If you’d like to learn more about Alfalit, discover how you can get involved in their cause, or make a donation online, please visit their website.

JUNE 2018

Outreach focus: Rise Against Hunger

Money raised: $1,163.00

All of the donations collected this evening will be used to sponsor a Rise Against Hunger meal packaging event at Hillside Church in October 2018. All money will be used to purchase supplies and ingredients, which will then be packaged by volunteers at Hillside and sent to impoverished people around the world.

For more information about Rise Against Hunger, or to see how you can volunteer at Hillside's meal packaging event in October, please visit RAH them online!

MAY 2018

Outreach focus: International Justice Mission

Money raised: $1,002.00

Thank you for all of your generous donations! All of the money collected from this evening will be given to International Justice Mission. Donations can be used in a variety of ways, such as helping pay for a slavery rescue mission, providing medical care or legal help to survivors, teaching communities how to stop violence before it starts, and much more!

For more information about International Justice Mission or to see how you can further help their cause, please visit their website.

APRIL 2018

Outreach focus: Potter's House in Guatemala

Money raised: $721.00

Donations collected at this dinner will be given directly to Potter's House in Guatemala to help build a home for a family in need. Each home costs about $6,000 to build in the Guatemala City dump, where thousands live in poverty. Thank you for your generous donations to these people.

For more information, or to find out how you can serve, donate, or support a child in Guatemala, please visit Potter's House or Beyond the Walls online.

March 2018

Outreach focus: Bloom House and Creative Studio in Bangor, PA

Money raised: $1,161.00

Thank you so much to the women of Bloom for joining us and sharing their stories, experiences, and progress in this ministry. 100% of donations collected during this dinner will be used to help offset expenses of the Bloom House.

To donate online or plan a visit to the Bloom Creative Studio, please visit their website.


Outreach focus: Homeless Solutions in Morristown, NJ

Money raised: $1,033.00

All donations will will be given to Homeless Solutions and used to purchase furniture for a family of five who, after six years of experiencing homelessness, is about to move into their new home!

To learn more about this organization, how you can get involved on a local level, or to donate online, please visit their website.

January 2018

Outreach focus: Living Water International

Money raised: $1,134.00

Your generous donations will be given to the organization Living Water International to help build wells and provide clean water to those in need, as well as share the Gospel of Living Water with people all around the world!

To learn more about this organization or to donate online, please visit their website.


Outreach focus: Tanzania Pediatric NICU in Arusha, Tanzania

Money raised: $945.00

All $945.00 of your donations will be sent to the NICU in Arusha, Tanzania to help provide supplies, equipment, and training for the hospital staff.

To make on online donation to the NICU in Tanzania, please visit their website.

November 2017

Outreach focus: Nehemiah Vision Ministries in Haiti

Money raised: $820.00

$410.00 of the money raised is going to help the women's surgical center, and $410.00 is going to help building an addition to the school building.

To learn more about the work being done in Haiti through Nehemiah Vision Ministries, please visit them at www.nvm.org.

For more information about sponsoring a child so that they have the proper funds to attend school, please visit the Sponsor a Child section of the Nehemiah Vision Ministries website. 

OCTOBEr 2017

Outreach focus: Roxbury Social Services in Morris County, New Jersey

Money raised: $694.00

Roxbury Social Services is located at 72 Eyland Avenue in Succasunna, NJ. Director Janet Wald can be reached at (973) 448-2026 or at waldj@roxburynj.us.

Donations can be dropped off at Roxbury Social Services on Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM.

For more information or to see what donations are most needed, please visit Roxbury Social Services online.

September 2017

Outreach focus: Samaritan's Purse

Money raised: $851.00

For more information about donating or getting involved, please visit Samaritan's Purse online.